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Has your refrigerator been serviced?

High temperatures add stress to the refrigerator by forcing the motor to run constantly, especially if your refrigerator is in your garage.  The refrigerator will battle against the ambient temperature to keep your goodies cold.  Temperatures can exceed 110 degrees in the garage so help it out by keeping it well stocked. If you don’t need the whole refrigerator, consider filling space with gallons of water. They will remain cool and help the refrigerator maintain its temperature when the door is opened on a hot day.  If your refrigerator isn’t running properly, it might not be able to run its motor properly which could lead to further strain on the condenser and inability to produce enough cold air and eventually stop running.  Here at Bob’s Appliance Service we specialize in refrigerator repair and have knowledgeable service technicians for all your appliance needs (405) 321-6963.


Appliance repair for refrigerators, washers, dryers, dishwashers, stoves, ovens, garbage disposals, freezers and ice makers.

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